How to donate by mail or in person

To donate in person:
If you are visiting in or near Akumal, you may stop by and give your cash donation to one of the library personnel in pesos or U.S. dollars.


To donate by mail:
If you are not going down soon, you can mail a check made out to "Hekab Be Biblioteca" to this address:

Hekab Be Biblioteca
3021 NE 72nd Dr. Ste 9, #70
Vancouver, WA 98661

Debra manages our funds on the U.S. side, and she makes sure that your money gets to us -- all funds are used directly by the library.

Please email us if you have any questions:

Announcing Hekeb Be’s “Library Angels” Program!

We are very pleased to announce the beginning of our “Library Angels” program. This program has been created to encourage folks to become monthly sponsors of the library. The amount given each month is entirely up to the sponsor and can be automatically deducted from the sponsor’s account with the new Subscription button via Paypal, You can sign up for a Paypal account if you do not have one already, it is very easy and is free. In addition for those who use Bill Pay through their bank you can send an automatic donation that way, just email us at for the correct setup information.

We are working hard to plan for the future of Hekab Be and this program is one of the steps we are taking to ensure that the library will be in Akumal, for all of the children who want to attend for many years to come. Since the library is 100% donation driven, it is our goal to create regular monthly income to supplement our fundraisers. The money donated will be used for the library’s programs, supplies and teachers salaries which costs about 75% of the library’s operating expenses.
Each quarter we will send out library updates directly to all of the Library Angels so that they can be kept informed on the activities and goings on at the library.

Please visit our Library Blog Site to sign up and remember, the monthly donation amount is up to the sponsor. The library is hoping to reach a goal of $800 per month with Library Angels so that we can keep providing our programs to all the children who want to participate. For questions directly related to the Library Angels program, please send an email to Thank you.

How to make a donation when the library is closed

** Our STRONG preference is to receive all donations during library hours (Mon-Sat 9-1; Mon-Fri 2-5) so that we may thank you appropriately and record the donation in our guest book **

If time runs out and all else fails...
Please do not leave donations outside the library. Materials left outside often disappear--we cannot assure its safety. Donations in kind may be left with Charlene (an American woman who uses a wheelchair) at the Super Chomak, the little grocery store in front of the arch at the entrance to Akumal Bay Beach.

If you have a monetary donation and the library is closed, we ask that you consider mailing the donation directly to us (via Debbi in WA, address listed above) or donate using paypal. Because Charlene is not always at the Super Chomak, we cannot assure donors that cash donations left there will be received by the library. If you decide to leave a cash donation at the Super Chomak, make sure to put it in a sealed envelope that says "Hekab Be Library" and give it directly to Charlene.